General questions

I would like to collect medical education points; 
how do I get these points? 

Please bring your EFN-number (Einheitliche Fortbildungsnummer) from the medical association with you (applicable only for German doctors). On-site, you will have to confirm your presence at least once a day by scanning or sticking your barcode on the list of participants in the congress office. The points will be transferred electronically from MCI to the medical association in charge and will then be added to your medical education account. Physicians from Austria and Switzerland will not be recorded electronically. We kindly ask you to pass on the certificate of attendance to the association in charge.

What happens if I forgot to scan my EFN?

If you forget to scan, you will lose points. Points can only be credited based on the electronic record of the barcode on your name badge as well as the provided EFN-number; a flat allocation without scanning is not possible.

I need my medical education certificate; how do I get it?

Your medical education certificate is usually available for download on the congress website after the congress has finished. You will receive the link after the congress via e-mail.

I need a certificate of attendance; where can I get one?

You will find the certificate of attendance in your congress bag. In case you lost it, we are happy to send you a new one on request via e-mail.
Please contact gth(at)

I need an invitation letter in order to apply for a visa;
how do I get one?

When required, we will issue an official invitation letter for visa application. Please send us your complete personal data (first name, last name, address and ID number) together with your request via e-mail to gth(at) Please note that we do not book appointments with consulates or embassies. It is your responsibility to check the visa guidelines and conditions.

How can I keep myself updated about the next congress/annual meeting?

At this year’s congress you will receive further information about the upcoming congress. Alternatively, you can contact the project team at all times 

Will there be a shuttle service from the airport to the congress venue and/or from the hotel to the congress venue?

Unfortunately, a shuttle service is not provided. For information on public transportation please click here.

Will there be lunch/catering during the congress?

Lunch is not included in the participation fee; however, there will be food stalls on self-pay basis at the venue.

Will there be childcare on-site?

During the congress, childcare will not be available. 


Scientific programme/abstracts/speaker

When will the programme be issued?

The preliminary programme will be published in August 2015 on the congress website; the main programme approximately 2 weeks before the congress. All participants will receive a printed version of the main programme on-site. 

Is there a fee for abstract submission?

There are no fees for abstract submission. Please note that submitting an abstract does not mean you are registered for the congress. At least the presenting author must be registered. For a complete congress registration, please use the online registration form.

I submitted an abstract; when do I find out if I am to present my contribution?

The abstracts will be reviewed and selected by the scientific committee. Notifications will be sent to the authors via e-mail on December 2015.

Can I edit my abstract after it has been submitted?

In case you have not finally submitted your abstract (saved as a draft) you can make changes at any time. If you do have finally submitted your abstract, changes are possible until the end of the submission period. Please contact the scientific secretariat via e-mail: (gth-secretariat(at)

I have got technical problems submitting my abstract. 
Whom do I contact?

Please contact gth2016(at) with all technical problems. The scientific secretariat (gth-secretariat(at) is happy to assist with any other queries.

Is it possible to withdraw my abstract?

Yes, please contact the scientific secretariat via e-mail:

I am an invited speaker; do I have to register myself or does this happen automatically?

Your registration will not be carried out automatically. You will receive registration details together with your official invitation letter via e-mail. You can register online or via the speaker registration form.

I am a speaker (abstract-author); is my participation in the congress free of charge?

We would like to point out that, as an abstract-author, the registration for the congress is subject to a charge. You can register online as well as via the fax registration form.

I was speaker and my travel costs will be reimbursed;
 how does the reimbursement take place?

You will receive a reimbursement form from us after the congress has taken place. Please send us the completed and signed form together with your original receipts via mail.



How do I register myself?

You can register online, via fax or by postal letter. Online registrations are easier to read and thus less likely to error than those sent via fax. Unfortunately, we cannot accept registrations via phone or e-mail.

What does the registration fee cover?

You will gain access to the presentations and/or courses booked; the main programme including presentations (provided that they have been available before the printing deadline).

Which payment options do I have?

German participants can pay by German debit card. Foreign participants can pay by credit card. If you prefer to register on-site you also have the option to pay the fee in cash.

I registered myself for a reduced congress fee. 
Where do I send the required proof?

Please send the proof via e-mail (as pdf or jpeg file) to or via fax to +49 30 20 45 950. If the required proof is not sent prior to the congress, it must be presented on-site. Otherwise the reduction cannot be granted.

I would like to take part in the congress, but I do not have the financial means to do so. Does the congress offer financial support or is there a sponsor who could fund my registration costs?

We do offer reduced participation fees. Please check if one of the categories may apply to you. We do not offer further discounts or procure sponsors.

Why did I not get a place in a course/workshop etc.?

There is a limited number of seats available. The order of the registration received is crucial for participation. It does not make a difference whether you register online, via fax or postal letter. 

I sent my registration form via fax/e-mail. 
When will I receive a confirmation letter? 

You will receive an automatic e-mail notification to confirm your registration. In case you have not received your registration confirmation, kindly contact

Why did I not get a registration confirmation although I have registered online and the money has been debited from my account?

It is possible that the automatically generated e-mail can be found in your spam folder. If you still cannot find it, kindly contact to request a copy. The registration confirmation is a valid invoice that meets tax office requirements.

Is there a way to register myself after the registration deadline has expired?

You are welcomed to register on-site. Registration forms that are sent after the deadline has expired cannot be processed. In order to avoid waiting times on-site, you can bring the completed registration form with you to the congress.

My registration is completed and confirmed. How can I make subsequent changes (e.g. courses/hotel etc.)?

Changes can be sent to us in writing by replying to the confirmation e-mail. Please attach a payment authorization since your personal payment data are not being saved when you register online.

I accidentally specified an incorrect invoice address and I would like to correct it now.

For a fee of € 10 we can take on subsequent corrections. Please contact

How can I cancel my participation, or parts of my registration?

Cancellations can only be accepted in writing, under consideration of the established terms and conditions.

Why do I not get a refund if I cancel my evening programme subsequently?

Evening programs are bound by a minimum number of participants. Thus a cancellation refund is not possible. 

I am unable to attend the congress on short notice due to illness or personal/family reasons. What can I do?

Please contact A cancellation on short notice is only possible without cost reimbursement. Alternatively, you can specify a change of name for a processing fee, if a colleague is able to take your place. We advise to take out a seminar insurance. 

I already registered myself but unfortunately, the embassy did not accept my visa application. Can you reimburse the registration fee?

If you cancel your participation according to our terms and conditions and within the specified deadlines, we can reimburse the costs for a fee of € 30. Alternatively, we can process a change of name for a fee of € 16.

When and where can I pick up my congress documents?

You will receive your congress documents at the registration counter on-site. Please take into account that there might be queues which cause waiting times; especially at the beginning of the congress.

Will the presentations be available for download on the website after the congress has finished?

The presentations will be recorded during the congress and a webcast will be available. The access to the webcast will be included in the registration fee.